Accepting Bitcoin

Computoser now accepts Bitcoin (only if you need tracks for commercial purposes, they are free otherwise). First, why Bitcoin?
  • there are no fees, there is no business entity verification process - you just set it up and start accepting payments
  • computer-generated music is entirely "digital" - it doesn't require any human input or physical materials and so is Bitcoin. It made sense for a digital currency to be the means of paying for generated music.
And why I decided to have a payment option in the first place? All the tracks are free to listen to and licensed under Creative Commons. A .midi source file is available for download, thus allowing anyone to improve on the computer-generated piece. However, as the algorithm was recently getting better and better (far from perfect, of course), I thought that generated tracks can be used as stock audio. And when you get the mp3 and midi files, you can use them for commercial purposes (royalty-free, of course). The Bitcoin integration itself has some caveats, which I'm going to describe in a separate, more technical article. There are multiple payment providers to choose from, and I selected Coinbase. It's not perfect, but it's mostly straighforward and I got it working quickly.